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Chandra Grahan 2011 Entire India - Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata - Lunar Eclipse India June 15 2011 - Date Time - Total Lunar Eclipse occurs Today visible in India? Chandra Grahan 2011 India - NASA Dates Timing - Jun 15th 16th - When is next Chandra Grahanam?

The Total Lunar Eclipse (Purna Chandra Grahanoccurring on June 15 2011 (Wednesday) is visible throughout India

Eclipse Time IST in India11.53 pm to 3.32 am night of June 15. Mid Eclipse (Madya Kaal) is at 1.43 am.

The moon is completely covered by Earth Shadow (Total Eclipse) from 12.52 am to 2.33 am on June 16 early morning.

The Lunar eclipse beginning time (Sparsha Kaal), Mid eclipse (Madhya Kaal), end time (Moksh Kaal) time in 4 metros of India viz., Chennai (Madras), Mumbai (Bombay), New Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta) and other parts of India, according to NASA is given below

The eclipse starts (Sparsha Kaal) on June 15 night 11.53 pm and ends (Moksha Kaal) on June 16 early morning 3.32 am. Mid Eclipse (Madya Kaal) is at 1.43 am.

Other Continents (or Parts) of World where eclipse is visible are South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia

The picture, image, video of Solar Eclipse can be seen in the website (contains pictures, images) (contains videos)

The time, date, venue where the eclipse occurs is given in NASA website

What is Chandra Grahan?

Lunar Eclipse occurs when Moon moves behind earth so that sunrays are blocked and earth's shadow falls on Moon. Chandra Grahan occurs only on Purnima, Pournami (Full Moon Day). According to scientists its safe to watch Lunar Eclipse with naked eyes. However viewing Sun Eclipse with eye will affect eyesight.

Note: For exact details in your area contact your local authorities. This blog is not responsible any error in the details given.

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