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Vaikunta Ekadasi Dec 21-12-2015 - Vaikunda Ekadashi Date in 2015-16 December 21st - Srirangam Pagalpathu - Irapathu Dates - Paramapada Vasal

Vaikunta Ekadashi is on December 21, 2015 (Monday). In Srirangam, Thiruvallikeni, Tirupati and other Lord Narayana Temples, Sorga Vasal Thirappu will be held in early morning.

Srirangam Schedule:

(2015-2016 - Manmatha Varusham Dates)

In Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple - Pagalppathu, Irappathu Festival will be held for 22 days during Vaikunta Ekadasi. The important dates of the festival is listed below.

Sri Ranganatha Swamy (Moolavar) will bless devotees in Muthangi Seva (Pearls) from December 11th, 2015 - to - December 30th, 2015. 

- 10 Dec 2015 (Thursday) - ThiruNedunthandagam- 11 Dec 2015 (Friday) - Pagalppathu Utsavam begins
- 20 Dec 2015 (Sunday) - Namperumal Mohini Alankaram
- 21 Dec 2015 (Monday) - Paramapada Vasal (Sorgavasal) Thirappu at around 4.45 am early morning - Namperumal Rathnangi Sevai - Irappathu 1st day

- 27 Dec 2015 (Sunday) - Thirukaithala Sevai - Nammaazhvar in Mohini Alankaram
- 28 Dec 2015 (Monday) - Thirumangai Mannan Vedupari - Namperumal Guthirai (Horse) Vahanam
- 30 December, 2015 (Wednesday) - Thirthavari
- 31 Dec 2015 (Thursday) - Nammalvar Motcham in the early morning - Iyarppa Satrumarai in the evening

How to Fast on Vaikunta Ekadashi?

Devotees from age 8 years to 80 years can fast on this auspicious day. On the previous Dasami day, only Lunch should be taken. On Ekadashi no food, liquid should be taken.

Devotees should stay awake for the whole night and chant the hyms of Lord Narayana, read or hear Alwar thiru padalgal, go to temple, take part in the poojas in the temple.

On the early morning of next day Dwadashi, one should take food with Nellikani, Sundakai and Agathi Keerai and end the fast. One should stay awake for the daytime and should sleep only after sunset.

Vaikunta Ekadashi is on eleventh day from the no-moon day in the Tamil month Margazhi (Dec - Jan). In Triplicane Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Temple, Utsavar will bless devotees in various Vahanas during the 20 day festival

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Next Year Vaikunta Ekadasi 2016-2017: In 2017, Vaikunda Ekadasi is on January 8, 2017 (Sunday)


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I am a diabetic and on medication. Generally a diabetic is supposed to take small amounts of food every 3 hours as otherwise the sugar level may drop down too much and cause hypoglycemia . But even if I don't take food , can I take some fruit juice or coconut water ? Any other alternative ?

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from Venkatesh - for sick example diabtec people, our sastras give exemption from fasting-hope this helps

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