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Onam 2017 Date - September 4 - When is Thiruvonam in 2017? Sept 4th

Onam festival is celebrated on September 4, 2017 (Monday)

Onam Festival is celebrated for Ten days, from Astham Nakshatra to Thiruvonam Nakshatra, in the Malayalam month 'Chingam' (August - September)

The main day of celebration by the Malayalees in Kerala and across the World is on Thiruonam Nakshatra (Sep 4th, 2017)

Why Onam is Celebrated?

According to Purana, Asura King Mahabali, comes out from pathala to meet people on this day. Everyone gets thrilled and begin celebrating to welcome the King.

Devotees pray Lord Vamana during Onam. People from all caste and religion celebrate the beginning of Harvest Season.

Onam Special Rituals:

1) Aathipookalam: Every house courtyard will be decorated with Flower Rangoli called 'Athipookalam'. Pookalam is normally circular in shape made with fresh flowers, leaves and lamps. The diameter varies from 1.5m to 5m.

2) Onam Sadhya: The Food prepared on Onam is called as "Onam Sadhya'. The recipe includes rice, fried vegetables, avial, sambar, rasam, pickles, payasam, puttu, babana halwa, dry fruit kesari, papad, idli, masala dosas, coconut chutney, etc.,

3) Onapattu: 
The traditional folk songs called 'Onapattu' will be sung by people. The lyrics of song describes the Kingdom of Mahabali, contains prayer for good things.

4) Thumbi Thullal: It is a dance performed by Women. Ladies will wear their best dress, jewellery and dance in circle. The main performer called thumbi, at the center of the circle, will initiate a song. Other women will continue singing, by maintaining the sequence of lyrics.

5) Kathakali, Oonjal (swing), Kumati Kali (mask dance), Puli Kali (people paint themselves like tiger and dance), procession of elephant, music with instruments, several competition, etc., mark the celebration. 

6) Aranmula Vallamkali and Nehru Tropy snake boat races are held each year to mark onam. Each snake boat is rided by 100 men.

Onam Preparation:

- Houses will be cleaned and painted
- New clothes will be bought for everyone in the Family. 
- Special bonus is given to employees 
- Special trains and buses are scheduled on this occasion. 
Local holiday will be declared for a week.

Next Year Onam:
In 2018, Onam is on August 25, 2018 (Saturday)

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