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Purnima - Pournami Dates & Details : 2009 - 10 Virodhi Tamil Year

This post contains description and dates of Pournami (Purnima or Poornima) for the 2009 - 2010 Virodhi Tamil year. The details and importance of Pournami is given below the dates. The dates of other thithis are given in separate posts in this blog.

Purnima Dates:

08 May 2009 -- Friday --- Chithra Pournami

07 June 2009 -- Sunday

07 July 2009 -- Tuesday --- Vyasa Purnima, Guru poornima, Chaturmasya begins

05 August 2009 -- Wednesday --- Yajur upakarma

04 September 2009 -- Friday

03 October 2009 -- Saturday

02 November 2009 -- Monday

02 December 2009 -- Wednesday ---Vishnu deepam, Pancharathira deepam (Kaarthigai Deepam Previous day)

31 December 2009 -- Thursday --- Lunar eclipse (Aaruthra Darshan next day)

29 January 2010 -- Friday --- (Thai Poosam next day)

28 February 2010 -- Sunday --- Holi, Masi Magam

29 March 2010 -- Monday --- Panguni Uthiram

The details and importance of Pournami

Purnima, the Full moon day, is auspicious for Hindus. In temples, special poojas are held on this day. Many devotees observe fast. Many festivals come in Purnima. On Karthik Purnima lakhs throng Ganges river in Varanasi and take holy dip. All temples, hill tops and houses in Tamilnadu will be decorated with Agal Vilakku on Karthigai Deepam. In Thiruvannamalai, many devotees do Giri Valam on Purnima.

In Tirumala Tirupathi, Garuda Seva is held on every Purnima night. In Madurai, on Chithra Pournami, Kalazhagar (Lord Vishnu) crossing Vaigai river to see Sri Meenakshi Sundareshwarar Thirukalyanam, is celeberated with great devotion. Lakh of devotees throng the vaigai river on that day. On Thai Poosam, Masi Magam, Panguni Uthiram special abhishekam and poojas are held for Lord Muruga. Holi, festival of colour, also come in purnima.

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